Momentum is a First Person puzzle Game
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 How to submit a bug report

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PostSubject: How to submit a bug report   Wed Jan 19, 2011 12:08 pm

Copy out what is in between the lines and fill in the blanks, at the bottom of this post I will explain what each thing means:

Operating System:
Type of Problem:
Where is the Problem:
Error Messages:
Brief Summery of the Bug:
How to Reproduce the Bug:
What did you Expect to Happen:
What did Happen:


Version - what version of Momentum are you running,
Operating System - which operating system are you running (eg. Windows 7, Windows XP, Ubuntu, Mac OS X Snow Leopard),
Type of Problem - Can you get out of the map (and fall forever), black screen, cannot start the game, etc,
Where is the Problem - At start up, going into level... (eg. Level 7), exiting the game, main menu, etc,
Error Messages - If there is a error message in the console or an error report by Windows (or any other type of error),
Brief Summery of the Bug - eg. At startup there is just a black screen,
How to Reproduce the Bug - steps so that I can try to recreate the bug, eg. 1. go to level 7, 2. go to the 4th platform, 3. jump the the right,
What did you Expect to Happen - eg. go to level 7 and play the game,
What did Happen - eg. I got a black screen,

Please submit any bugs that you have found in this forum.
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How to submit a bug report
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